The Rise of Fantasy Fiction

This year I’m returning to fiction, which has often taken a back seat to music. But no more. I’ve caught up on my backlog of music and want to do the same with unwritten novels. Plans change, but I’m intending to self-publish, which has opened the door to move forward. The reason is that I have two written novels that are 1 of 2, or 1 of 4, and I never wrote the later books because, without a publishing deal, there was no point! It’s time to resolve that and continue onward.

The advantages of a traditional publisher are drying up while the stigma and difficulty of self-publishing are going down. Oddly, releasing albums independently has always been viewed well by the music industry, as a sign of a band’s seriousness, but self-publishing a book is seen as failure by traditional publishers. That accounts for my avoidance before.

The Art of World Building

I could publish those two books this year but am first researching best practices for self-publishing. I’m also seeking beta-readers for that all important feedback before something’s out there. And I’ve returned to doing world building, since I write fantasy where that’s required. I’ve been creating my main setting for 25 years now, though in fairness I did take ten years off to write books (and release albums) instead.

Going back to this has been great fun!

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