How to Create Fantasy Races or Species, Part 3

In Part 1 we discussed the physical aspects of creating races in fantasy books. Part 2 covers the mental.  Now we’ll look at a downloadable template you can use as a starting point to aid your creative writing.

Download the PDF or Word template.

The Template

Fantasy Race/Species Name Here

Nicknames: “”

Famous For

General Description

Overall Appearance

Include voice, posture, impression, sleep and eating habits.

The Head

Eyes, brow, ears, chin, jaw, nose, lips, hair styles (and colors), tongue.  Heart-shaped, round, square.  Bearded?

The Body

Discuss height, stocky/thin, details on hands/feet, athleticism, stamina, strength, common ailments.  Can include clothing.


Anything unique about them.


Which gods created them, influence them, or are worshiped by them?  How does this affect them?










Specific Accomplishments

Wars Won and Lost

Inventions and Discoveries

World View

Culture and Customs

Do they work every day?  Take lunch naps?  Includes marriage, death, challenges.


Do they build cities?  Scavenge or farm and hunt?  Live in tribes?  Marriage?


Do they have an oral or written language?  Which languages do they typically know?

Relations with Other Races


Race 1

Race 2

The Supernatural


Can they do it?  What kind, how powerful, what limits?


Where a race lives determines many of their characteristics.


Where do they originate from?  Land with rolling hills?  Mountains?  Plains?  Forests?  The sea?


Hot or cold?  Temperate?

Settlements (Towns/Cities)

Name important ones and develop them using my template for creating cities (check here for that blog:


Where are they located?  In trees?  Underground?  Underwater?  How are they laid out and protected?

Styles & Materials

What are their homes made of?  Wood?  Brick?  Straw roofs?


Do they fight at all or run?  How do they fight?  With what weapons and armor?  Do they use cavalry, dragons?  Any typical battle formations?


Mating, birth


This is the template I used when creating the seven original species for my main fantasy setting. Check the home page of this blog or my site for news of my first publications using them, probably in 2015. In the meantime, good luck!

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7 thoughts on “How to Create Fantasy Races or Species, Part 3

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  3. Mike S

    I just wanted to comment and thank the writer for putting this series together. I have been trying to get my bearings, building a world for my novel, and this has been tremendous help. It’s given me a better understanding of the world building process than most other online resources (I’ve tried A LOT).
    The style and format are both great and the writing had enough personality to make the read enjoyable. (something exceedingly rare in these write-ups from my research…)
    So thanks again for the series and it’s publication. Best of luck to you in your future endeavours.

    1. randyellefson Post author

      Hi Mike! Thanks so much for the comments! I’m curious what other resources you’ve tried. I’ve been thinking to turn these articles into a book, with a lot more information added.


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